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How do I book an appointment?

Victor and Rheannon are currently seeing customers by appointment only. Hit this button to schedule your visit!

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How much does a piercing cost?

At Coven you have options... lots of them. The prices our customers pay vary according to their style, tastes in jewelry, and budget. Most who come to Coven typically spend about $125-$200 per piercing with one of our 14k or 18k gold options. We can offer most piercings with non-precious metals for as little as about $100 without sacrificing cleanliness, quality, or comfort. Those prices would include a lifetime guarantee on your jewelry, a guarantee on your piercing, and all of the necessary aftecare supplies. Contact us ([email protected]) if you'd like to know the exact cost of any service or product we offer.

Do you use a piercing gun?

Nope! There's a myriad of reasons why piercing guns don't fit into best practice. (Check this out!). We currently use sharps produced by Industrial Strength LLC. Sharps are disposed of directly after your piercing. Although it is common practice to clean and re-sterilize soiled piercing instruments, any tool used on a Coven customer is disposed of immediately after use. Your safety is our priority.

I'm allergic to certain metals. Do you have jewelry that will work for me?

Though we are not members at the moment, all of the jewelry in our store meets the material and quality standards outlined by the Association of Professional Piercers. Using properly-fitted, high-quality jewelry made from biocompatible materials helps to eliminate some common problems associated with healing piercings, such as those caused by metal sensitivities.

Does it hurt?

Short answer: yes. However, part of our goal is to reduce any unnecessary discomfort. We approach every piercing with your point of view in mind, and will do everything within our skill-sets to provide a quick and relatively comfortable experience. For example, having two piercers on staff allows us to make some paired piercings at the same time (email us for details!), reducing the total amount of time spent in discomfort. If you're worried about the pain associated with your piercing, there's a good chance that worrying will be the most uncomfortable part.

I'm under 18. Can I still get a piercing?

Unfortunately, Chatham County does not give parents the freedom to give consent for their child's piercing without the direct supervision of a physician or osteopath licensed under Chapter 34 of Title 43. Unless you're able provide that sort of direct supervision, we'll sadly have to decline your business.

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